Posted by Ben on December 11, 2016

Procuring a house in Spain offers tremendous perks and would be a smart financial decision for investors within and overseas. The Spanish mortgage policy and system is designed to provide unequivocal support that encourages the profitable ownership of real estate. As an after effect of stagnant residential request, in the same way as other of its EU peer nations, the Spanish government is avid to welcome foreign investors in its real estate market. Under mild and flexible conditions like a minimum investment level which can be spread among a few properties. It is so amazing how the Spanish government make provisions for foreign investors and grant them residential permit. They are also entitled to a universal visa that enable one live in Spain and travel all around the European Union nations. Spanish Mortgage is the best 100% mortgage you can get. There are a couple of questions being asked by investors to be clear on Spanish mortgage.

Can I still afford a property in Spain?
You can, despite the indecisiveness of Britain leaving EU. They remain active members of the European Union which gives the British citizen a room to partake in the awesome Spanish mortgage offer. It is quite safe for British investors to invest in Spanish property and real estate.

What does a fall in Sterling mean?
A fall in Pound is the detrimental to the economic stability of Britain. This has adversely resulted in an increase in Spanish property making it kind of difficult for UK investors to invest in the Spanish real estate. However Spanish property has been quite affordable in recent years; they are currently 32% less expensive than they were in 2007. The conversion standard is relied upon to be unpredictable over the coming months; Buyers can find a way to protect themselves from the currency fluctuation. We advise to buy with our 100% mortgage deal & low interest rates; this system makes it so easy and affordable to own a Spanish property without being after by a low exchange rate.

What will happen to my property when the UK leaves EU?
UK leaving EU has absolutely nothing to do with your Spanish mortgage or property. The Spanish governmental system encourages foreign investors because it improves economic growth and development. There are also a large population of Non-EU investors that are active participants in the Spanish real estate market. Non-EU investors enjoy Spanish policies because of its flexibility, it is as beneficial as it is for EU nationals.

Will I still get a 100% mortgage?
Yes you will. The Spanish mortgage network team ( has made the quest for getting a Spanish mortgage a whole lot easier. It gives foreign investors 100% mortgages & low interest rates. This flexible system enables one to buy his/her dream property. This network collaborates with banks to give no deposit 100% mortgage.