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Now is the time to buy in Spain.

With you can own your dream home today, with a 100% Mortgage – No Deposit – NIE Number, Notary and Lawyers Fee’s all now included, From Only €7000 + taxes.

The Spanish Mortgage Network team work closely with major banks throughout Spain & can offer great properties under market value with 100% mortgages.

All our properties are bank owned repossessions and are available to you with a no deposit 100% mortgage. The banks are selling these properties at reduced prices to gain back the outstanding balance of the initial lending loan. This is why Spanish Mortgage Network can offer you this 100% mortgage deal. The only thing you need to pay is the Spanish Property tax that is required in Spain, and our fee (Which includes the mortgage fee, realtors fee, a lawyer that will do all necessary work to make your purchase completely safe and we include your NIE number which is required to purchase a property in Spain).

With any property purchase in Spain there is always Spanish property taxes & notary fees that need to be paid these add up to around a extra 12 up to 14% of the property price.  However.. depending on your personal position and the chosen property we will try to include part of these costs in the mortgage where possible.

Please read the frequently asked questions below or contact us for further information.

  • What Is A 100% Mortgage?
  • Can I View Your Properties?
  • How Can You Offer This Full Mortgage Deal?
  • What is the current Mortgage rate?
  • You Don’t Have A Property In A Location To Suit Me.
  • Can I Use These Properties For Rental.
  • Why Are Your Properties So Cheap?
  • How & What Do I Need To Apply?
A 100% mortgage is exactly what it say, There is no deposit to be paid upfront as the full property price is included in the mortgage when you buy it from us.
Of course, All our properties are available to view by appointment only. Simply contact us & we can arranging the viewing at a time to suit you.
We have teamed up with some of the major banks in Spain and are able to offer a selection of there best repossessed properties with attractive deals. The banks are just wanting to get there initial lending loan back so it gives you the chance to buy the property with a 100% mortgage at up to 30-40% under market value.
The current mortgage rate is 0.9% plus Euribor(0.16%) With long term rates at 1.2% plus euribor (0.16). This is one of the best rates you will find.
Don’t worry please send us your requirements through the contact form as we have more properties on our database.
Many of our buyers do buy these properties as sound investments & rent them out but this is up to you. After you buy the house its your choice what to use it for.
The price shown is the fee you pay for buying the full mortgage on one of our properties, This includes the full mortgage, lawyer and NIE numbers.
After you have seen a property you want all you need to do is send is a copy of your ID, Your last wage slip & bank statement. After you have sent this we will get back to you within 48 hours & let you know your possibilities.

You can blur out any information on your documents as long as we can see the company name on the wage slips & salary on your statements. You can see further information on the simple application process here.