Posted by Ben on January 18, 2017

Spanish Mortgage Network is renowned for its affordability, convenience and flexibility in its system. We offer awesome packages that are not only beneficial to residents but also non residents of Spain.


How to get a mortgage in Spain?


The answer to this frequently asked question is not far-fetched; Spanish Mortgages gives 100%, no deposit at 0.9% interest rate. Its that simple! Spanish Mortgage Network can offer this low rate opportunity to all our mortgage applicants regardless of your citizenship and country of residence.  It doesn’t just stop there; Spanish mortgage also offers a exclusive total purchase management service. You have an array of astoundingly magnificent apartments, Villas & townhouses with eye-catchy aesthetic designs that you can make a choice from.



Searching for Spanish mortgage lenders may seem tasking and demanding. Our service provides a solution to your plight. We help non residents secure a Spanish mortgage from local banks and mortgage lenders.  We are aimed at ensuring first-class property pro support when accessing in Spain and also negotiating your asset offer and mortgage conditions.  Your mortgage loan application and property pursuit are taken care of consistently and you can pick up a Spanish mortgage loan pre-approval in only 4-5 days. This gives more sureness on your spending when seeing property in Spain and gets you within track to purchase your place in the sun.

We offer the most complete package & service in Spain including taking care of your NIE.

Securing a 100%mortgage is a simple process, all you are required to do is contact us and be rest assured that the whole process will be taken care of by us.


Ready To Buy

Making a purchase has been made easy by Spanish Mortgage Network by offering low interest rates at 0.9%; & a 100% home loans on all our properties. Your property decision relates specifically to the home loan you wish to take up and the terms we consult for your benefit.


  • The choice is yours to make, no deposit purchase plan comes from Spanish Mortgage that gives 100% loans with 0.9% variable interest rate.
  • For clients with deposit, you are given a broader opportunity to make the best choice that gives an outstanding loan/property deal.


However, the best arrangements may have been gobbled up with ready cash purchasers and other people who are Purchase Ready with a pre-endorsed mortgage loan and all the printed material all together. This is the thing that you have to compose and send to us for a pre-approval contract that will get you within track for the best deal today.

The documents need to get a mortgage with us are.



Copy of Passport

Copies of your last 3 months wage slips.

Copy of your annual tax return (i.e. P 60’s in UK. or similar)

Credit Report (through Experian or Equifax)

N.I.E. Certificate (fiscal ID – we’ll help you obtain this)


Self Employed:

Copy of Passport

N.I.E. Certificate (fiscal ID we’ll help you obtain this)

Copy of profit & loss accounts and balance sheets for the last year

Letter from Accountants confirming that all figures are correct and that all tax liabilities are fully paid-up

Credit Report (through Experian or Equifax)



Copy of Passport

N.I.E. Certificate (fiscal ID – we’ll help you obtain this)

A letter from the company paying the pension, indicating the annual income paid to the pensioner

Copies of annual Tax Authority Forms (i.e. P 60’s in U.K. or similar)